Going through a divorce is not something you should face alone. In addition to the emotional challenges associated with divorce, you may also need to defend your right to a fair split of assets, fair custody of your children, and fair financial terms after the divorce. Not only might you need to worry about the vindictive goals of an angry ex-spouse, but you may not be aware of the full scope of your rights in a San Antonio, Texas, divorce. This is why most people hire a divorce lawyer to represent their interests and rights in divorce negotiations.

Whether your spouse is trying to take you to court or you just want to negotiate terms without losing ground, our lawyers at divorce-SanAntonio.com can help you get the most from your divorce agreement without being taken to the cleaners. We will defend your right to fair property, financial, and child custody terms every step of the way.

Divorce and Family Law Services

Legal representation in a divorce falls under the category of family law. Each Texas family law attorney has the full scope of legal knowledge available to help you navigate even the most complicated San Antonio divorce. Your lawyer will provide guidance, support, and negotiation strength as you embark the process of building a divorce agreement that supports your future.

Separating assets and business interests and gently crafting a fair child custody agreement all require expertise and an understanding of Texas family law. You can rely on your San Antonio divorce lawyer to ensure that your interests are defended and you are prepared to make the tough decisions in the negotiations to come.

Divorce Legal Services

There are several ways that a San Antonio divorce lawyer can help you complete a successful divorce.

Defending Your Best Interests

When you hire a divorce attorney, our job is to defend your best interests in the divorce. No matter what path your divorce takes – whether you take it to court, mediation, or negotiate privately, we will provide advice or actively negotiate on your behalf to ensure you don’t get the short end of the stick.

Divorce Situation Assessment

From the first moment you get in touch, one of our Divorce-SanAntonio.com lawyers will help you assess your situation. We’ll let you know where you stand on keeping the house, getting a favorable child custody or child support agreement, and how to keep the property you care about most in the division of assets. We’ll let you know where your advantages are and the right path to get the most from your divorce outcomes.

Supportive Legal Advice

Throughout your divorce, you can come to your divorce lawyer for supportive legal advice. If your ex offers a tempting compromise or wants to get your property assessed, we’ll help you decide which options are most beneficial to you and how to propose a better counter-offer.

Hardball Negotiations

You can also hire your San Antonio divorce lawyer to represent you in negotiations. We’ll fight for you across the negotiation table, making sure that your ex’s lawyer doesn’t railroad your right to fair assets and custody with hard tactics or cheap tricks. We will defend your priorities and best interests directly on your behalf.

Representation in Divorce Court

Not all divorces go to court. But if you find yourself in a courtroom divorce with your ex, you’ll need a skilled Texas divorce lawyer to represent you in the proceedings. We know how to play the game of testimony, evidence, and counter-evidence so that the judge sees your position and requests in the best light when it comes itme to make rulings on your divorce terms.

Guidance Through Divorce Mediation 

Alternatively, your spouse may propose divorce mediation. Mediation sounds fair on the surface, but how do you know if the compromises they suggest are the best for you? Your divorce lawyer will help you assess the options so that you get the full benefit of divorce mediation and none of the downsides.

Divorce Child Custody

When there are children in the marriage, negotiating child custody can be a challenge. As joint custody has become the norm, divorce lawyers typically guide their clients toward a functional co-parenting agreement that is healthy for the kids and as convenient as possible for the parents.  However, divorce lawyers are also skilled at navigating more complex situations such as long distances, safe household concerns, and opposing a spouse who has fixated on “taking the kids away” as part of their madcap revenge strategy.

We will make sure that you get fair custody of your children and a reasonable co-parenting plan with the best interests of your kids at heart.

Child Support

Child support has become less prominant with the rise of joint custody. It is usually only needed if there is a vast difference in income between the two parents or in the now-rare cases where one parent gets primary custody.

If one parent earns significantly less than the other, some amount of child support may be appropriate to ensure the kids receive a similar quality of life between parents. If one parent receives primary custody, the other parent may pay support to contribute to child-rearing expenses. But these amounts should be reasonably calculated.

If you are in need of child support to provide a fair lifestyle for your children, your divorce lawyer will find the right amount and help you receive this support in the divorce agreement. However, if your spouse is trying to claim far more support than is necessary or reasonable, your lawyer will defend your finances, focusing on the needs of the children while keeping you safe from unnecessary financial gouging.

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If you are in need of a divorce lawyer in San Antonio and Bexar County, TX, look no further than divorce-sanantonio.com. Our lawyers are ready to discuss your case and build a strategy for a divorce in your best interests. From fairly splitting up assets to a reasonable child custody agreement, the lawyers of divorce-sanantonio.com are on your side. Contact us today for your initial consultation.


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